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Vocal Reel
0:00 I Feel the Earth - Carole King
0:46 When Did I Fall in Love - Fiorello
1:14 I Don't Need Your Love - SIX
2:23 Legally Blonde Remix - Legally Blonde

Acting Reel
0:00 Wonder of the World - Cass
0:51 All's Well That Ends Well - Helena
2:01 Easy Virtue - Lari
2:54 Cammy - Ellie

Publicity Reel
Clips from Suncoast View, Suncoast FYI, and
Suncoast Culture Club

Legally Blonde Remix
Dayton Live's Tiny Dressing Room Challenge
2022-2023 National Tour Cast

Lea Sevola as Vivienne Kensington

"King of the World"
Songs for A New World
Piano: Danny K Bernstein

by Ivory Lane

Piano & Arrangement: Alex Thompson

written & directed by Wm. R. Pace

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